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Press Release

Two new Digital Procurement Experts are joining
the SynerTrade North American Management Team

SynerTrade continues to make tremendous steps towards a growing
North American market as Edward Bauer joins as VP of Sales and
Brenton Walton joins as Head of Business Development & Marketing.

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Blog | New opinion

Spend Analysis and Purchasing Intelligence:
the winning Purchasing duo

Management guru Peter Drucker said:
“you can’t manage what you can’t measure”.
This affirmation resonates greatly when
talking about Digital Procurement.

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Video | Success Story

Malakoff Médéric chooses SynerTrade Accelerate

Géraldine Mirre, from Malakoff Médéric, talks about
the SynerTrade Accelerate solution.
She also mentions the situation before and after
the implementation of the tool.

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White Paper

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Procurement:
The Future of Digitalization in Procurement

As Artificial Intelligence increasingly seeps into companies,
just how exactly is it affecting Procurement?

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Digital Procurement Solutions

SynerTrade is a leading global provider of flexible software solutions for purchasing and finance

SynerTrade Accelerate, our cloud-based platform, covers the entire purchasing process

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From strategic
sourcing to contract
lifecycle management

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From catalogue
management to
invoice monitoring


From supplier
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strategic collaboration

Spend & Purchasing Intelligence

From data
management to
decision making

Idea to

From innovative
ideas to referenced


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