The Accelerate Core Applications are the cornerstones on which you can build your Digital Procurement system. They will help you model your entire Procurement Organization into the solution, as well as define workflows and business rules to run your business. With Accelerate Core Applications, you’ll be capable to set-up and maintain key data repositories and business objects that will be used by all the other Accelerate Apps.



Contact Database & Organisation Network

Accelerate Contact Database & Organization Network allows to modelize your entire Procurement Organization in our solution. Thanks to advanced master data management capabilities, your business units, your purchasing classification, your geographical areas and your internal users database can be created and maintained centrally in Accelerate.

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Supplier Database

Accelerate Supplier Database is the unique place where all the information dealing with your suppliers are consolidated and shared with the Procurement community. Real “back-bone” of your Digital Procurement System, our Supplier Database allows for more collaboration with your business partners at each step of the Procurement process.

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SynerSpace is an online workspace where all Accelerate users can flexibly organize their own activity dashboard. Among other things, this App makes it easy to view and follow all activities on the purchasing platform, to quickly find and access any kind of purchasing-related data or to participate in the workflows to which the user was invited to participate by his colleagues.

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Workflow Engine

Accelerate Workflow Engine allows to create and manage centrally all the workflows that can be used in the different Accelerate Apps. Whatever Apps you use in Accelerate, Workflow Engine will help modelize your business processes and will streamline the collaboration with your internal colleagues or external business partners.

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