Synertrade Accelerate is a suite of eProcurement Software solutions that cover the entire purchasing process

Each procurement department has its own specific challenges. Our eProcurement Software, which is available in 23 languages, is composed of a wide range of tailor-made applications to match your exact requirements. Our focus on ergonomics and ease-of-use ensure rapid user adoption and great satisfaction.

Discover SynerTrade Accelerate, our eProcurement suite

Synertrade Accelerate is a cloud-based platform that is flexible and customizable in order to match your business requirements. Thanks to our patented CELL.FLEX TECHNOLOGY™, you can choose among our 33 apps and combine them to shape and manage all your purchasing processes.

Synertrade Accelerate integrates smoothly with your legacy systems whatever your ERP and business tools are.

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Source to Contract

From strategic sourcing to contract lifecycle management, improve your suppliers’ identification and selection for better compliance

Structure every step of your sourcing process in the following ways: Identify the right suppliers, plan, execute and analyze your tenders, organize complex online negotiations, and manage your contracts.

Key benefits include:

Increased compliance and transparency
Reduced financial risks
Improved performance and efficiency

Procure to Pay

From catalogue management to invoice monitoring, simplify and automate
your procurement process for better control.

Monitor each stage of the supply chain in the following ways: Import your supplier catalogues, manage purchase requisitions, create and approve purchase orders, manage goods delivery and reception, verify invoices and proceed with payment.

Key benefits include:

Enhanced control of spends/budget
Streamlined procurement process
Reduced maverick spend

Supplier Management (SRM)

From supplier onboarding to strategic collaboration, collect reliable information
and reduce risks for better collaboration.

Develop a partnership with your suppliers in the following ways: Get a complete view of their data, evaluate risk and performance level, set compliance requirements, communicate easily, follow up improvements, and collaborate better.

Key benefits include:

Minimizing risks with an increase in visibility and compliance
Consulting complete and up-to-date supplier information
Building a collaborative relationship with your suppliers

Spend & Purchasing Intelligence

From data management to decision taking, consolidate and
analyze your information to improve your procurement performance.

Construct your procurement “Control Tower” in the following ways: Collect and clean your data from heterogeneous sources, capitalize on purchase orders and invoice information, reduce processing time, build suitable dashboards and take the right decisions.

Key benefits include:

Access to reliable data
A global view of spend information and purchasing activity
Tracking of strategic KPIs with real-time reports and dashboards

Idea to Product

From innovative ideas to referenced products, collaborate and share with your ecosystem
for better innovation

SynerTrade’s eProcurement Software allows you to maximize collaboration with internal and external partners in the following ways: Create campaigns to collect innovative ideas, manage advanced sourcing projects (including samples testing and packaging design) and follow end-to-end product implementation plans.
Key benefits include:

Development of innovation by involving internal and external partners
Facilitating collaboration at every step of the project
Management of project teams and task attribution

Access your data everywhere, anytime


With SynerMobile, access your business information in real-time while you visit your suppliers and approve or reject purchasing orders when you are out of the office.

Available on the main mobile OS, it is the best operational solution because you have access to all your suppliers, contracts information and approvals directly in your pocket. You can fill in and consult SRM evaluation or RFX scoring questionnaires, create reports and graphs to gain a clear view regarding your KPIs and exchange information with your colleagues on the forum page.

SynerMobile enables you to be mobile and connected whenever you need it.