You will get the most benefit from your digital procurement system if you can use the data properly to make the right decisions. That’s why Accelerate proposes a set of Reporting & Procurement Analytics Applications that help you gain the most accurate insight on each part of your procurement process. Based on a world-leading technology for data processing, visualization, and analysis, our spend analysis software company offers all the power of a best-in-class purchasing intelligence solution to your procurement organization.

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Management Information System

Accelerate Management Information System gives you a transparent view of all the data and information managed in your eProcurement solution. As a true control tower for your digital procurement system built around our embedded decision-making technology, it can provide advanced statistics on the usage of the platform, its adoption by the users, and much more!

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Performance Manager

Accelerate Procurement Performance Manager monitors analytics set forward by procurement services in your company to provide the power of a best-in-class business intelligence solution. Thanks to Accelerate Performance, the global performance of your strategic sourcing activities can be assessed in real-time and decision making is really facilitated.

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Purchasing Controlling

Accelerate Purchasing Controlling helps connect the procurement and finance functions of your company. With the advanced reporting capabilities of our business intelligence engine, you can follow the procurement budget consumption, evaluate the actual financial performance of your procurement organization, and measure its impact on the company’s results.

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Report Writer

With Accelerate Report Writer, you are given a modern and powerful way to create pixel-perfect reports based on your procurement data. Thanks to push e-mails, our solution will help you broadcast the Procurement Department results and achievements easily to your business partners or within your Organization.

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Spend Analysis Software

Accelerate Spend Analysis software allows you to manage the spending data of your company regardless of the complexity of your organization. Thanks to our embedded business intelligence engine, data relative to orders and invoicing from different entities and various sources can be collected, controlled, harmonized, enriched, and analyzed regularly to give you the sharpest view possible on your procurement activities and the related spending.

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Supplier Scorecard

With Accelerate Supplier Scorecard, all relevant information about your suppliers is consolidated in a single screen! General information, contract information, performance or risk assessment results, past and current activities. No need to browse the entire supplier database, the Supplier Scorecard provides access to key data of each supplier at a glance.

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