Accelerate Business Process Applications allow you to digitally manage the various procurement processes that compose a buyer’s journey. From strategic sourcing to pay management, our cloud-based procurement services improve collaboration and increase efficiency at every step of the procurement cycle. Accelerate Business Process Applications will definitely change the way you work and will help you drive the digital transformation of your procurement organization.

Procurement Problem Solving 8D/


In case a litigation or incident is reported on the products or services you purchase, Accelerate 8D can help create and follow an adapted resolution plan. Thanks to Accelerate 8D, you’ll be able to better communicate and collaborate with suppliers and colleagues to run a plan using the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) methodology.

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reverse auction platform


Accelerate Auction provides various reverse auction types that will help you negotiate online and in a very short timeframe. Regardless of where your suppliers are in the world, whatever the market context, you’ll be able to manage from the simplest to the most complex online negotiation schema thanks to our advanced auction management capabilities through Accelerate’s procurement software.

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Digital Procurement Catalog Management

Catalog & Webshop

Accelerate Catalog & Webshop helps you create and manage state of the art “online store-like” catalogs that can be used by every employee of your Company for their purchase requests. No training is needed to use our customer-oriented solution, which guarantees maximum user adoption and results in a significant decrease of the Maverick spending in your Organization.

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Procurement Contract Management Software

Contract Management

Accelerate Contract Management provides advanced functionnalities to create, store, and monitor all your Procurement-related contracts and documents. From the simple storage of your suppliers contracts to the complete collaborative authoring of your contractual documents, every step of the contract lifecycle can be streamlined thanks to Accelerate Contract Management.

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Invoice Management Software

Invoice Management

Accelerate Invoice Management allows you to automate and simplify the invoice management process in your Company. From the creation of the invoice based on a purchase order to matching with delivery and contract information, you’ll be able to increase savings and improve compliance at every step of the process while better collaborating with your suppliers.

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Purchase Order Management Software

Order Management

Accelerate Order Management helps you put your procurement process under control and get a full visibility on each purchase order issued through the system. Every step of the procurement process can be easily monitored, from purchase requisition to delivery of the ordered goods or services, and collaboration with the different stakeholders is increased.

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Digital Procurement System

Procurement Planning

Accelerate Procurement System helps you forecast your procurement activities and better monitor your savings and spend objectives. Thanks to advanced planning capabilities, track every procurement initiative or action plans regarding your entities or your purchasing categories, follow related savings and make sure you are on track to meet your targets.

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Supplier Performance Management

Supplier Assessment

Accelerate Supplier Assessment allows you to collaboratively assess the performance of your suppliers and mitigate the risk level of your supplier portfolio. Thanks to configurable questionnaires, get feedback on whatever KPI you need from whoever you want in your company, analyze results in real time, and take necessary actions!

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Supplier Development Software

Supplier Development and Measures

Accelerate Supplier Development & Measures is a collaborative tool for implementing and monitoring any kind of procurement action plans related to your suppliers. It will help you improve your internal collaboration and work more closely on certain topics with your business partners while driving a continual improvement approach with your strategic suppliers.

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Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Portfolio Strategy

Supplier Portfolio Strategy

Accelerate Supplier Portfolio Strategy helps you better manage who is included in your supplier portfolio online. With Accelerate Supplier Portfolio Strategy, you can configure the process of onboarding or offboarding suppliers and make sure that suppliers in your portfolio are compliant with your internal business rules.

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Supplier Self-Registration

Accelerate Self-Registration is an open and configurable web portal that allows potential suppliers to get in touch rapidly with your Procurement team and start an onboarding process. With Accelerate Self-Registration, open your Supplier Portfolio to new horizons, benefit from new collaboration possibilities and increase competition amongst your historical business partners!

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e-sourcing Tool Tender


Accelerate Tender is a state of the art e-sourcing solution that allows you to organize, streamline, and automate every step of the call for tenders process, from defining your needs to choosing the right suppliers.Thanks to Accelerate Tender, increase competition amongst your suppliers and save significant time on non-added value tasks and bid analysis to focus on negotiation.

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