With an ever-growing amount of data from multiple sources to manage, your procurement organization is facing a real challenge and data harmonization becomes increasingly necessary. Interfaced with your legacy systems, connected to external data providers, or even running in a stand-alone mode, the Accelerate Database Management Applications can help you build, enrich and maintain the key databases and repositories that constitute the backbone of your supplier and procurement knowledge.  Integrate eProcurement Software Apps that streamline purchasing and maximize profits.

Certificate Management Software

Certificate Management

Accelerate Certificate Management helps you collect, store, and follow the expiration dates of your supplier certifications, agreements, and strategic documents. By transferring all or some of the workload to the suppliers, you will gain significant time savings and improve the quality and reliability of the data.

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Procurement Data Harmonization

Data Harmonization

Accelerate Procurement Data Harmonization is an intelligent rule based cleansing system that allows to consolidate and improve your Supplier Knowledge. Based on a set of more than 45 advanced cleansing and classification rules developed by Synertrade over the years, our solution helps clean and harmonize the Accelerate Supplier Database in order to facilitate data consolidation and provide a more accurate Purchasing reporting.

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eProcurement Software Product Database

Product Database

Accelerate Product Database is a central database to consolidate and store all the relevant documents and information dealing with the products and services you purchase from external vendors. With our eProcurement Software Solution and Accelerate Application, follow the entire lifecycle of your products in collaboration with your colleagues and suppliers and synchronize the product related information with your legacy systems.

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Supplier Compliance Management Software

Supplier Compliance

Being connected in real-time with specialized databases, Accelerate Supplier Compliance Management Software helps you collect, check, update, and archive regulatory and mandatory administrative documents of suppliers according to their activity, size, and legal environment. It helps you monitor the compliance level of your Supplier Portfolio and mitigate the associated risk in regards of your legal constraints.

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Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility

Supplier Corporate Responsibility (SCoRe)

Accelerate SCoRe helps you evaluate the CSR compliance of your supplier portfolio in regards of your internal policy. Thanks to our native connection capabilities with major CSR rating solutions, not only you can enrich your supplier assessment with value added information, but you can also develop a real “Sustainable Procurement” approach in your Company.

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eProcurement Software Supplier Enrichment

Supplier Enrichment

Thanks to our real-time connection capabilities with the databases of leading “economic intelligence” providers, Accelerate Supplier Enrichment brings you maximum visibility of your supplier portfolio. Being able to work on advanced topics such as credit risk, reputation risk, or anti-money laundering, your procurement department will improve its global knowledge on the supplier portfolio, mitigate risk level, and better monitor the relationship with the suppliers on a daily basis.

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eProcurement Software SynnerConnect


Accelerate can be connected to various kinds of platforms and databases in your legacy system through SynerConnect. SynerConnect can communicate with all major industry ERPs, CMS systems, CRMs , databases, and web platforms. SynerConnect can import, manipulate, and store existing data into any format. It enables data exchange between different systems in Accelerate and you can benefit from a totally integrated eProcurement software.

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