Because each procurement department is different across various industries and businesses, Synertrade has developed a set of “Industry Specific Applications” that address the particular requirements of your procurement system. Whatever your business is, thanks to these applications, Accelerate can help your team manage specific processes and increase collaboration with other departments in your company.

e-Procurement Solutions, Artwork & Packaging

Artwork & Packaging

Accelerate’s e-Procurement System allows you to manage the full packaging and creation process of your in-house products with your business partners. From the initial proposal to approving the final packaging, each stage of the process can be managed online using specific project management functionalities and collaborative tools.

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Chemical Risk Management Software

Chemical Risk Management

Accelerate Chemical Risk Management Software helps you save and track information on the chemical hazards of the products you purchase from your suppliers. By tracking the presence of identified hazardous chemical components in the composition of your products even at the RFP stage, you’ll be able to manage a continuous and preventive control of chemical risks associated with your procurement management.

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e-Procurement & Own Brand Management Solutions

Own Brand Management

From initial idea to implementation of a new product, Accelerate Own Brand Management is a project management tool developed specifically for retail companies. It can help you manage each step of the creation of branded goods more efficiently, from the definition of the new products with internal stakeholders to the testing of samples sent to suppliers.

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