Accelerate Spend Analysis allows you to manage the spending data of your Company whatever the complexity of your organization . Thanks to our embedded Business Intelligence engine, data relative to orders and invoicing from different entities and various sources can be collected, controlled, harmonized, enriched and analyzed regularly to give you the sharpest view possible on your procurement activities and the related spending.

Accelerate Spend Analysis Software

Providing the best visibility possible when it comes to a Company’s spending is one of the main jobs of any Procurement Department. The task is all the more complicated when your Procurement Department is decentralized and when there are multiple data sources. Accelerate Spend Analysis software allows you to consolidate and analyse all of the spending data within your Company, regardless of its complexity.

With Accelerate Spend Analysis, the data relative to orders and invoicing from your different entities can be controlled automatically in a regular way.

These analysis are published online and shared with the Company via the Accelerate portal. With the intuitive and ergonomic interface of our built-in reporting engine, users can create the spend analytics reports that meet their needs.

spend analysis software

Key Features

Automatic gathering of spend data from heterogeneous sources
Analyze data coherence and completion.
Automatic processing to clean and consolidate data
Rules engine to classify spend data
Multidimensional reporting to track spends
Manage rights and user assignments for visualizing reports
‘Drill-down’ functionality to focalize analysis
Export results of analysis to MS Excel
Users can personalize reports
‘Story telling’ functionality to create and share presentations online based on the report