Thanks to Accelerate Catalogue Management, build and maintain online catalogues to help you streamline your P2P process and fight maverick spending.

Catalog Management


With Accelerate Catalogue Management, you will be in a position to create and maintain the catalogues that form the bedrock of your Procure to Pay process. You will be able to create your internal catalogues quickly, simply by importing the catalogues sent to you by your suppliers. You can import Excel files as well as more specific formats like the BME Cat format for instance.

To save you time, suppliers will be free to change or update their catalogues themselves using the portal. Approval workflows will be set on any modifications made by suppliers. Meanwhile, functionalities to compare catalogues and articles will allow you to quickly visualise the differences brought to an existing catalogue. Accelerate Catalogue Management also supports ‘Punch-Out’ catalogues.

Key Features


Import a catalog based on a XLS template.
Assign catalogs to supplier / master data.
Manage access rights (BU / MG / Users).
Search catalogs and open items page.