Your Digital Procurement solution has to adapt to your business needs, but also to your structure, internal processes and constraints. With its “Configuration & Settings” capabilities, Accelerate provide deep customisation possibilities to every Procurement organisation.

Configuration & Settings


In addition to bringing a maximum flexibility in the configuration of the applications on which your Procurement information system is built, Accelerate Configuration & Settings allows for designing process templates that fit your business requirements. Thanks to a centralised workflow management, it’s possible to apply your internal business rules at every step of the procurement process. The advanced “profile management capabilities” helps to customise your users and suppliers view / access rights, providing maximum compliance and security to your procurement processes.
 approval workflow management

Key Features


Better adapt your processes according to the specific rules of your business units or business lines.

Define which of your users have read / write rights on different kind of procurement activities depending on their roles and assignments.

Easily get the appropriate people involved in the various processes according to their assignments in the configured Procurement organisation.

Facilitate procurement activity analysis by integrating all the dimensions of your Company and allowing reporting on these axes.

Improve research capabilities, data sorting and indexing with regards to your Procurement data.