Accelerate Continuous Improvement makes it possible to initiate and track all types of Procurement action plans related to your suppliers. It will help you improve your internal collaboration while managing continual improvement plans with your strategic suppliers.

Continuous Improvement


Accelerate Continuous Improvement is a collaborative tool that makes it possible to drive various kinds of Procurement action plans focused on your suppliers. Accelerate Continuous Improvement makes it possible to get your suppliers involved directly in a continual improvement process and helps them to work more closely with the Procurement team. Continuous Improvement offers users the chance to create Procurement action plan made of tasks assigned to internal users or suppliers. For instance, in case a litigation or incident is reported on the products or services you purchase, Accelerate Continuous Improvement will help create and follow an adapted resolution plan and improve the relationship with your suppliers.
Continuous Improvement

Key Features

Create, manage and follow an action plan.
Achieve a task in an action plan.
Approve or reject a task achievement.