With Accelerate Onboarding you can outsource the effort of recruiting new suppliers to the suppliers themselves. Thanks to an open and customisable web portal, potential suppliers will work more collaboratively with your Procurement team.



Recruiting new suppliers can prove both lengthy and tedious. Accelerate Onboarding offers many options to manage different processes depending on the specificities of your business. In addition to providing a fully customizable self-service portal for identifying and referencing new suppliers, Accelerate Onboarding makes it also possible to manage collaboratively your Supplier Panel and its evolution, up to the off-boarding process of vendors whit whom you won’t collaborate anymore. By shifting some of the task reponsibilities to the suppliers themselves, your Procurement department’s workload is greatly reduced and the quality and reliability of the supplier data is greatly improved.


Key Features

Approve / reject self-registration from suppliers.
Manage the onboarding of suppliers.
Manage the offboarding of suppliers.
Manage the certificates and strategic documents of the suppliers.