Accelerate Procurement Performance will enable you to collect and analyse the data related to your procurement process efficiency and follow the global performance of your procurement team in a consolidated way.

Procurement Performance


Tracking savings and monitoring performance are amongst the main missions assigned to your Procurement Department. But diversity, in terms of businesses and purchasing families that you manage, means it is difficult to set one method for calculating savings. Disparity of the data sources and complex calculation rules also make performance monitoring a difficult task.

Accelerate Procurement Performance brings you all the power of a Business Intelligence solution to track and analyse your Procurement activity. Not only it will enable you to collect the information you need in your various entities or business lines to process it according to specific calculation rules, but it will help you track Procurement’s overall performance within your Company thanks to best-in-class decision-making capabilities.

Procurement Performance

Key Features


Browse supplier consolidated data and related reports.
Customise standard reports provided.
Create “”Story telling”” pages.
Export / broadcast reporting and “”story telling”” pages