Thanks to Accelerate Product Management, you can consolidate the information on your products and services and maximize S2C and P2P process efficiency by leveraging the potential of your product database information.

Product Management


With Accelerate Product Management, consolidate all the documentation and information on your referenced products and services in one single place. The data can be managed online by your employees and the vendors you get your supplies from. Customisable workflows help get these modifications approved by the relevant people in your Company and Accelerate Product Management can be synchronized in a bidirectional way with your current tools: ERP, CMMS, PLM, and more. Advanced collaborative work on documents is also supported: managing annotations and modification requests, tracking versions, comparing document versions,… In the end, linking up the various Procurement processes with your product database will enable you to save a considerable amount of time while optimising the reliability and coherence of your data!
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Key Features

Add product / service in the database.
Maintain product / service data and documents.
Approve or reject product / service updates.
Search the products / services database.
Synchronize product database with eSourcing process.
Synchronize product database with CLM process.
Synchronize product database with P2P process.