Inspired by the best practices of the most famous online stores, Accelerate Purchase Requisition provides a seamless user experience to your users during the requisition process and guarantees maximum adoption from the users.

Purchase Requisition

Accelerate Purchase Requisition was designed to optimise the user experience during the P2P process. The good practices of the greatest online stores have been applied: advanced search capabilities on products and services, flexible delivery planning functionnalities, customizable shopping baskets, favorite items selection, management of delivery / billing information and much more are supported. Your users will navigate the Accelerate catalogues intuitively, without any prior training and other options are offered to make the purchase requisitions as easy as possible. ‘Punch-Out’ catalogues are supported and customizable freeforms are provided to allow internal requesters to describe their needs for items that wouldn’t be in internal or Punch-Out catalogues. Accelerate Purchase Requisition provides a quick ROI and guarantees that the solution will be adopted by the maximum number of users!
Purchase Requisition

Key Features

Browse and search internal catalogs.
Browse punch-out catalogs.
Create and send a Purchase Request from catalog items.
Create and send a Purchase Request starting from a free form.
Modify PR assignments / data.