Accelerate Risk & Performance enables you to assess your suppliers’ performance and risk level in a collaborative way to increase performance, mitigate risk and insure compliance with your strategic business partners.

Risk & Performance


Accelerate Risk & Performance allows you to create online assessment questionnaires to be completed by internal assessment teams. Invite people from diverse departments of the Company and evaluate different performance KPIs to drive your business relationship in the most efficient manner. Assess performance, measure compliance, anticipate riskn: the assessment questionnaires are completely customisable to adapt to your needs and targets.

With Accelerated Risk & Performance, the assessment campaigns that you launch can be automatically renewed as often as you like, so you can save precious time when implementing and tracking these campaigns. Use this time to concentrate on exploring the results and take decision to strenghten your collaboration with the vendors and help them become a key asset to reach procurement excellence.

Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Performance Management

Key Features


Create assessment campaigns.
Answer to assessment questionnaires.
Approve answers from evaluators.
Analyse assessment results in dedicated customisable reports.