With Accelerate Spend Analytics, leverage the order and invoicing data from your entities, get a deeper and more accurate view on your spend coverage and take relevant decisions based on the most advanced multi-dimensional reports.

Accelerate Spend Analytics


Thanks to Accelerate Spend Analytics, the data relative to orders and invoicing from your different entities can be processed and controlled automatically in a regular way. Automatic processing allows for the data to be cleaned, harmonised and consolidated according to different types of analysis. An intelligent rules engine will even give you the capability of classifying uncategorised spends according to different axes, what helps continually improve the scope of your analysis.

The ‘augmented’ spending data are conslidated in custom multidimensional analyses that meet the specificities of your business and help you put your spending under control. With the intuitive and ergonomic interface of our in-built reporting engine, users will even be in the position to themselves create reports that will help take the right decisions to drive Procurement.

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Key Features


Automatic gathering of spend data from heterogeneous sources
Analyze data coherence and completion.
Automatic processing to clean and consolidate data
Rules engine to classify spend data
Multidimensional reporting to track spends
Manage rights and user assignments for visualizing reports
‘Drill-down’ functionality to focalize analysis
Export results of analysis to MS Excel
Users can personalize reports
‘Story telling’ functionality to create and share presentations online based on the report