With Accelerate Supplier 360, all the useful information on your suppliers is synthesised on the same reporting! No need to navigate the supplier database anymore, the Supplier 360 reports provides full access to each supplier’s key data at a glance.

Supplier 360


Each supplier in the Accelerate supplier database has its own ‘Supplier 360°’ file. This 360 vision can be shared internally and with each supplier to benefit from a maximum knowledge to drive the business with each vendor and improve collaboration. Additionally, advanced comparison between suppliers is also possible in order to help manage your Supplier Portfolio. Results from risk or performance assessments can be easily analysed and compared to make the right decisions.

Supplier action plans can be monitored as well, what makes possible to drive your relationship with business partners in a “continuous progress “ approach. The data displayed on the Supplier 360 can come from totally different sources and can be consolidated at the same time and in a clear and concise way thanks to our adavnced data analytics capabilities.

Supplier 360

Key Features


Browse supplier consolidated data and related reports.
Customise standard reports provided.
Create “”Story telling”” pages.
Export / broadcast reporting and “”story telling”” pages.