Your supplier database is the cornerstone of your Supplier Relationship Management solution. Knowing better your strategic suppliers allows you to better manage your relationship on a daily basis, but also guarantees a better mitigation of risks and a better spend coverage.

Supplier Enrichment


Accelerate Supplier Enrichment makes it possible to manage and transform the supplier data from various sources to build one single consolidated supplier database. Thanks to our unique and powerful rule based cleansing engine, your supplier database will be entirely de-duplicated and harmonised, what will allow for an efficient consolidation of supplier related data, especially spending information. It will also give you the possibility to enrich further your supplier database with information coming from external data providers. The information provided by our partners include: financial data / ratings, corporate structures and ownership, CSR ratings, Supply chain risk analysis, and much more! The information coming from our partners is not only used to enrich your supplier database, it can also be seamlessly used in our analytics Apps to set-up reports and follow KPIs that were not available until then.


Key Features


Use the supplier cleansing engine (data harmonisation).
See data from external partner in the supplier profile.
Browse / drill data from external partners in the reporting.
Use enriched supplier data to make decision in the analytics Apps.