SynerConnect is our home-grown middleware which makes it possible to connect Accelerate to the various software and database of your legacy systems to unleash the digital potential of Procurement.

SynerConnect Integration Management


With SynerConnect Integration Management, plug Accelerate to external data providers, legacy systems and various data sources to enrich your Procurement with value added information. SynerConnect exists in 2 different versions: the standard edition has 40 ready made interfaces, while the premium edition has more than 140 pre-configured interfaces including standard links to the leading ERP software of the market.
With SynerConnect, every kind of interfaces can be easily configured: real-time interfaces, using webservices, as well as batch interfaces, where data can be exchanged using various file formats.

SynerConnect Integration Management really makes the integration to your legacy systems seamless and offers maximum flexibility to make your Digital Procurement system evolve with a minimum impact resulting from your IT landscape and constraints. With SynerConnect, forget the IT and integration topics, and just focus on the Procurement business!

SynerConnect Integration Management

Key Features


Create and maintain the interfaces between Accelerate and third party systems.
Monitor the interfaces between Accelerate and third party systems.