Digitalizing companies has made it possible to make your teams more effective and more mobile: your employees now have the appropriate hardware (phones, tablets, pc) and software (mails, SaaS software, networks, etc.) To stay connected even when they are away from the office.




Synermobile is the solution we provide to give your procurement teams more mobility. Synermobile allows you to access the main information of your supplier database more easily from any iOS or android device!

More, Synermobile is natively connected to the Accelerate solution. This means it is possible to carry out a certain number of tasks directly from your mobile terminal, with changes being visible in real time in the accelerate suite: collaborate on a workflow, respond to a performance assessment campaign, create a new supplier, modify an existing supplier, etc.

Synermobile really brings all the power of accelerate to your pocket! This application is available for free download on the apple app store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android).


Key Features


Supplier contacts base with key information from each supplier’s profile.
Option to create/modify suppliers from the mobile application.
Option to participate in a supplier assessment from the mobile application.
Option to collaborate on a workflow from the mobile application.
Direct access to key contract data for each supplier.
Collaborate to forums with your colleagues.
Browse catalogs.
Send purchase requisitions.
Manage goods receipt.