Press Release

This certification is part of an intensive program of partnerships that aims to support the growth of SynerTrade in Italy

Milan, October 2nd 2015.- SynerTrade, European leader in technology for procurement processes, announces that Deloitte Consulting Srl has been certified on the Accelerate Suite. This represents their possession of the technical and functional expertise that allows them to explain to their customers the full potential of SynerTrade technology in managing projects related to procurement.

Deloitte Consulting Srl, one of the most important companies in the professional service for business sector in Italy, boast a wealth of experience in project management for large companies and have the necessary expertise to address the most complex business challenges.

This agreement is part of an intensive program of certifications and partnerships spearheaded by SynerTrade to strengthen its market presence and support the company’s growth in Italy and the world. The program aims to raise awareness of their suite, known as SynerTrade Accelerate, within the key players of the procurement world (consulting firms, experts, etc.) and to create strong centers of expertise across a range of company projects.

We are always looking for the most innovative technologies and leading players in the procurement market. So we looked at SynerTrade with great interest and we decided to get certified on its suite Accelerate
Federico Pompolani, Director of Deloitte Consulting Srl


We are honored that Deloitte Consulting Srl has decided to deepen the knowledge of SynerTrade, because it is proof that we are a major player in the international market of procurement. Italian companies can now rely on an independent partner able to explain all the benefits of our platform. This certification reinforces the work done in the first six months following the opening of the Italian branch of SynerTrade and we are determined to continue in this direction
Sergio Perego, Country Manager of SynerTrade Italy