Press Release

A leading global provider of digital procurement solutions, SynerTrade is off to a strong start announcing 75% revenue growth. It looks set to be a record-breaking year.

Paris, April 20th 2016.- SynerTrade saw a bright start to 2016 with a 75% increase in revenue over the first quarter compared to the first quarter 2015. This performance is reflected in a host of new clients including Tereos, Elsan and a leading player in packaging in France, Manor in Switzerland, Vitrociset and Cogne Acciai in Italy and Carrier in Holland. SynerTrade is also strengthening its presence outside of Europe, with for example the signing of Northern Trust in the US. In addition clients like Carrefour, Saint Gobain, Sodiaal and Suez Environnement are renewing their confidence in the provider by developing new functionalities on their existing Accelerate platforms.


Behind this favourable report lies on the one hand a dynamic Saas software market and on the other the automation of business processes, which is pushing the Procurement and Finance departments in big companies to get equipped with an ever more efficient ePurchasing solution. The job of a buyer has changed considerably over the past few years: more than cost-killing, they must now focus on the strategic aspect of what they do to help business performance.


SynerTrade announced a new identity in January 2016 following its acquisition by Digital Dimension, subsidiary of Econocom Group. A new website was launched and its position as a leading provider was confirmed, thanks to its comprehensive service for the procurement process that goes from sourcing to managing the supplier relationship via product innovation. A host of new products is to be unveiled at the big Paris event organised by SynerTrade on 7 June 2016, the Digital Procurement Summit 2016, including highly intuitive and ergonomic new mobile applications. Keenly anticipated by the ecosystem, this international event will be SynerTrade’s chance to consolidate its ground-breaking image in procurement.


Lastly, SynerTrade is strengthening its strategic partner relationships in Europe with for example PwC, Deloitte, Axys, Lakran and Ayming.