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Vitrociset signed in for SynerTrade digital platform to rationalize and simplify its purchasing processes.

Milan, May 3rd 2016.- SynerTrade, leading global provider of digital procurement solutions, starts its collaboration with Vitrociset, one of the largest Italian company dedicated to supply of technological manufacturing and services for the production and management of “mission & safe critical” systems.

With 850 employees and a produced value of 170 million euros in 2015, Vitrociset designs, builds and manages complex systems, and guarantees the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability.

Vitrociset was looking for an online solution able to guarantee a wider functional coverage, a higher flexibility, together with low configuration and maintenance costs. The goal was to rationalize and simplify purchasing processes and improve significantly the operational efficiency of the existing resources.

The Synertrade Accelerate platform, an end-to-end modular ePurchasing suite made of composite apps, has been chosen for its flexibility and ability to provide a complete visibility of the processes.

Today online supply chain is a sensitive answer not only to combine costs and time constraints, but also to deal with increasing regulation hurdles; corporate & social responsibility has become a key concern for large companies, where interconnected processes & shared responsibility between customers and suppliers are increasingly growing.

The cloud-based SynerTrade eProcurement platform covers the entire purchasing process, and thus provides Vitrociset a valuable tool for the development of the company.

Furthermore, Vitrociset will enable Accelerate ‘s sophisticated data enrichment functionalities in order to ensure performance analysis despite bad quality or unstructured data. Additional factor of competitiveness is the 99.9% availability of SynerTrade platform on various devices (not only the usual desktop), in order to keep all processes under control in every moment and place.

A key step of the project set-up, which is a real challenge for SynerTrade now, is the ability to connect in short time with financial data provider registered to CONSOB, such as Credit Rating Agency. This integration will allow the buyer to take more accurate decisions during purchasing processes phases.

Particularly during pre-qualification, information (integrated, qualitative, quantitative and synthetic) on potential new suppliers will help to simplify and accelerate the activity on first skimming of the long list in which they invest time and resources for the qualification.

During the evaluating and on-going control of existing suppliers, the data integration will also allow to detect and/or anticipate possible issues/defects of key suppliers within the corporate supply chain. Last but not least the negotiation should be eased with existing or new suppliers, as collection of useful information may impact the negotiation strategies on things like payments terms or financial dependency.

 Thanks to the deep and wide functional coverage of the SynerTrade Accelerate Platform and to the integration with external data sources, Vitrociset will have for the first time a true Digital Procurement solution. All this will considerably improve the quality of vendor qualification process
Giovanni Macellari, CPO of Vitrociset


Together, SynerTrade and Vitrociset will get new cross-industry business opportunities. Thanks to a full integration, which enables the complete coverage of all aspects and phases of an eProcurement project, we guarantee benefits emerging from specialization and mutual competencies
Sergio Perego, Country Manager for SynerTrade Italy

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