Press Release

Paris, June 13th 2016.- Digitalisation has profoundly changed what procurement departments do, and they are now going through a real business revolution.  SynerTrade improves day-to-day procurement with its SynerMobile app.

In 2013 SynerTrade launched the first version of SynerMobile, the mobile application of the eProcurement platform SynerTrade Accelerate. SynerTrade is now announcing new features that will enable all buyers to manage their supplier relationships with maximum ease, at the office or on the move, with their smartphone.


“A successful buyer is one who gets out on the ground”. This assertion from Franck Le Tendre, EVP Western Europe & Managing Director France of SynerTrade, sums up the philosophy that from early on steered the SynerTrade teams towards developing mobile solutions. In a globalise and competitive landscape procurement departments must be vigilant about improving supplier relationships and managing them with precision and foresight. With SynerMobile buyers can manage this relationship in a more intuitive and flexible way.


Our application was designed to simplify recurring and time-consuming tasks. Users will be able to carry out these tasks in a few clicks, using the time they spend travelling or waiting, for example, and free up the rest of the day for tasks with higher added value
Sebastien Dumas, Head of Pre-sales at SynerTrade


Compatible with the main mobile operating systems, SynerMobile already gives you access to all the key SynerTrade Accelerate features and bases, like the supplier database, the contracts base, the products/services base and the exchange forum. With this new version, users have access to many new features, including:


  • Supplier scoring: with multiple-choice questions, you can assess each supplier’s performance.
  • Managing shopping carts: this feature lets you select products in advance to make it easier to generate procurement requests.
  • Approval workflows: you can now intervene in approval workflows at each stage of the procurement process: approving suppliers, awarding contracts, new contracts, procurement requests, …


To take advantage of digital today, businesses must give workers the freedom to be mobile while staying connected to business data all the time.


The SynerMobile app meets these key challenges around mobility and supplier data management, but also work comfort. It is customisable and intuitive, which makes it easier for buyers to use
Sebastien Dumas, Head of Pre-sales at SynerTrade