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Paris, October 2016 – Ayming, international consulting group specialized in Business Performance has signed an agreement to become SynerTrade’s strategic partner – leading global provider of Digital Procurement Solutions – in Spain and Italy.

The role of Purchasing Departments is turning out to be more strategic every day, contributing to the sustainable growth of companies by means of cost optimization.

The Purchasing Department within a company is becoming more strategic every day. Globalization, economic crisis and digital transformation of businesses have changed its positioning, evolving from a mere negotiation and selection business unit to an obligatory growth contributor which increases the performance of a company through costs reduction and optimization, and therefore evolves to stand as a key area for the administration of a company.

Purchasing and supplying costs can be up to 70% of the turnover of a company, therefore optimizing them is a necessity. The mission of Ayming´s Purchasing & Cost Performance Business Department is characterized for its ability to design proven optimization strategies and operationally implement them, achieving measurable savings that positively impact in the P&L of a company.

In order to help the new role of purchasing departments, Ayming has chosen SynerTrade as the strategic partner needed for serving companies in their digitalization journey, simplifying their profession in every aspect of purchasing department role. The digital SynerTrade eprocurement Suite (“SynerTrade Accelerate”), will allow Ayming´s consultants to achieve a more agile performance management.

Most companies we have recognized as successful share a common characteristic: the optimization and accomplishment of their Purchasing Department. Therefore it is important that companies mature a strategy for the development of their suppliers, in order to guarantee the improvement on competencies and sustainability. Ayming´s experience in helping companies improve their purchasing processes, together with SynerTrade´s digital procurement solutions, is an efficient and proven response to Purchasing Departments’ needs.

Giovanni Grillo, Ayming Director for South Europe

Cost reduction is a CPO´s priority

Organizations need to maintain under control procurement expenses and obtain cost savings. Consequently, some of the goals of CPOs´ is to guarantee savings for their companies; collaborating with suppliers and complying with protocols and regulations, etc..
By means of the automatization of procurement processes, SynerTrade boosts the performance of a purchasing department. The SynerTrade’s solutions cover all requirements of procurement: from strategic sourcing to contract management; from catalogue design to invoice management, simplifying and planning spends; onboarding suppliers for better collaboration; and finally analyzing purchasing data in order to take the right decision thanks to smart dashboards. Other important benefits obtained from the use of SynerTrade Accelerate platform is the setup of strategic collaboration with suppliers, the follow-up of KPIs and an overall vision on expenses and purchasing activities.

The Ayming´s consultants, specialized in Procurement & Cost Optimization, will now use the SynerTrade’s solutions for their projects for better work efficiency.

We are pleased to welcome Ayming in our partner network. We share the same goal, the collaboration between Ayming and SynerTrade will help the purchasing departments in their process optimization and cost reductions.

Franck Le Tendre, Western Europe EVP of SynerTrade

About SynerTrade

With +500 customers worldwide, SynerTrade is a leading global provider of digital procurement solutions. Its cloud-based platform, SynerTrade Accelerate, covers the entire purchasing process thanks to a set of flexible applications, easy to use. SynerTrade Accelerate is a complete eProcurement Suite that manages +500 billion € spend each year, and widens the performance of Procurement and Finance departments in companies such as Adeo, Alstom, Baloise Insurance, Decathlon, Deka Bank, Engie, Groupama, Lafarge, Lindt, Lufthansa, Saint-Gobain, Sanofi, Shiseido, Total, Transdev, Yves Rocher, etc. With 15 offices worldwide and a 24/7 assistance in 10 languages, SynerTrade brings real expertise and a local service to its customers to optimize their purchasing processes around e-sourcing, e-procurement, SRM (Supplier Relationship Management), spend analysis and purchasing intelligence, or even product innovation management.
SynerTrade is one of the Software entities of Digital Dimension, Econocom Group.
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About Ayming

Ayming is a leading international Business Performance consulting group, formed by the merger between Alma Consulting Group and Lowendalmasaï, with offices in 14 countries: Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain. In 2015, the Group, which has a staff of approximately 1,500, achieved a turnover of 173 M€.

Ayming provides companies with strategic and operational support to improve and sustainably develop their overall performance in four key areas of expertise: Human Resources, Operations, Finance and Innovation. Ayming’s missions consist of support with risk prevention and management (securing); optimisation of processes, organisations and funding (accelerating); development of growth strategies and reallocation of resources (anticipating).