Press Release

Integration with DocuSign Helps Companies Streamline Procurement Operations

Paris, November 2nd 2016.– SynerTrade announced today it has partnered with DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®) to help enterprise customers transform their businesses by empowering procurement teams to make every purchasing agreement 100% digital.

With DocuSign and SynerTrade, procurement teams can eliminate the hassles, costs, and lack of security by automating manual, paper-based processes. DocuSign is the fastest, most reliable way to make every agreement fully digital to transact business anytime, anywhere, on any device securely.

The integration of DocuSign’s eSignature service and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform into the SynerTrade Accelerate Platform – a cloud-based platform that covers the entire purchasing process – will in particular help buyers negotiate deals and close contracts faster with their suppliers, while also digitizing all their document processes to accelerate and simplify workflows, approvals and collaboration.


SynerTrade aims to accelerate and facilitate the digital transformation of companies’ purchasing processes. Our combined technologies will enhance the customers experience and allow seamlessly business processes across companies. We are proud of this partnership and very confident that it will instantaneously bring  benefits to our customers all around the world
Eberhard AUST, CEO of SynerTrade

We’re pleased to welcome SynerTrade to the DocuSign Global Trust Network. SynerTrade’s integration with DocuSign will bring the power of Digital Transaction Management and eSignature to more procurement teams across France and globally so that they can do business quickly, easily and securely – 100% digitally
Pascal Colin, General Manager & VP Sales, DocuSign France


By leveraging the SynerTrade Apps with DocuSign’s industry leading eSignature service, procurement teams can:

  • Realize revenue faster – Documents, contracts and agreements get completed and signed error free in minutes, radically accelerating cycle time to generate results – and revenue – sooner.
  • Automate back-end document processing – DocuSign automatically pulls and updates information in existing business systems to eliminate manual rekeying of data and associated errors.
  • Reduce operating costs – Reduce employee time spent preparing, sending, tracking, reconciling and handling agreements, and eliminate paper, ink, printing, faxing and mailing costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – DocuSign offers the convenience of signing anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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