Press Release

From Suppliers Qualification to Auctions and Tenders, up to Contract Management and Risk Assessment. Vitrociset keeps on with the full digitization of procurement processes

Milan, April 12th 2017.– Vitrociset, one of the biggest Italian companies providing technological products and services for “mission & safe critical” systems, renews its trust into SynerTrade, the European leader in Procurement solutions.

After a year from the beginning of the first project, the company is now proceeding with the choice of new additional Apps of the Accelerate platform, and is communicating the first important savings and benefits reached.

If initially Vitrociset was looking for a tool able to guarantee a structured and trustable qualification process, the choice for SynerTrade was led by the fact that it’s a full coverage solution with a great flexibility, together with low costs of configuration and maintenance, and aims at something even more ambitious: rationalize and simplify the entire procurement process…

SynerTrade, through Accelerate, its cloud-based platform which covers the entire procurement process, has been able to guarantee to Vitrociset a deep knowledge of its suppliers regarding economical/financial aspects, certifications, their distribution on the territory, partnership relations, references, industry and others. The company has also got benefits from the integration with CERVED, therefore the possibility to certify economical/financial data also through an influential external Information Provider registered from CONSOB as Credit Rating Agency. The integration will allow the monitoring of the existing suppliers collecting the eventual problems/crisis.

Adopting an e-Procurement platform meant to Vitrociset reviewing processes and optimizing/standardizing them, in order to be more competitive, to have a better efficiency and to reduce the spend. The entire Supply Chain structure, in this way, has been made more solid and significant benefits have been reached, also from Buyers’ point of view, who can now access the platform and know the global situation on strategic/non strategic suppliers, the compliance with corporate processes and the transparency of activities.

After achieving benefits from this structured, trustable and flexible supplier’s qualification process, Vitrociset chose to keep on with its journey in the digitalization adopting also Auctions and Tenders modules, getting benefits in the evaluation and time reduction for tenders’ analysis.

Vitrociset is also adopting other modules from SynerTrade as the one for Contract Management and the one for electronic catalogues management and Risk Assessment, aiming at implementing real “qualification campaigns”.

The steps of Vitrociset project have been told during “Procurement & Innovation”, the event dedicated to technology innovation for Procurement department, organized in Milan by “The Procurement”.


Through a modular and technological platform as SynerTrade, we will have the tools to monitor the entire procurement process and get the best performances. Vitrociset project has been able to combine the strategic approach to the supplier market (segmentation of the categories following Kraljic matrix) with the most innovative evaluation tools, in order for the buyers to have a complete and integrated tool to define efficient strategies for preventing risks. The overview is complete and updated, integrated with customizable alerts
Gianluca Adduci, Supply Chain Processes Improvement Manager at Vitrociset


To enter a competitive and fast growing market, the role of the buyer has now to reflect the entire business strategy. The procurement processes are always more complex because there is no more just an issue of price/quality, but there are parameters as certifications, security standards, innovation capacities
Giovanni Macellari, CPO of Vitrociset


We are glad that Vitrociset decided to expand the collaboration with SynerTrade adopting new Accelerate modules. Our aim is to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation of procurement processes of the companies and this is possible only with a platform that can create efficiency in each phase of the procurement process. That’s why SynerTrade, with its 34 vertical modules that can be chosen, customized and implemented, is the partner for Procurement digitalization
Sergio Perego, Country Manager for SynerTrade