Press Release

New York, NY, July 2nd 2018.- Global leading provider of flexible digital procurement solutions launches customer reward program and hub of procurement knowledge.

During the Digital Procurement Summit held in Paris by Synertrade they launched an exciting membership loyalty program named SynerClub. SynerClub is the brand-new loyalty program for Synertrade customers.
This program, solely reserved for Synertrade’s customers who use Synertrade’s suite of digital procurement solutions, Accelerate, is resolutely focused on customer satisfaction and sharing experiences. Thanks to SynerClub, Synertrade customers will get to expand and develop their relationship with SynerTrade at the same time helping them to grow their network in the Procurement community, all while acquiring benefits for their company.

SynerClub is a points-based system where customers can share their experiences about how they use Synertrade and the usage of Synertrade solutions with their peers, market analysts, and media. There are in fact are several different ways Synertrade customers can earn points as a member of SynerClub and reach the highest level of membership.

The primary purpose of SynerClub is to focus on customer satisfaction. With a customer reward and loyalty program, Synertrade can now monitor in real time the customer satisfaction and really strives to ensure long term customer relationships are built and continued.

There are three levels of membership, RED, SILVER, and BLACK. The more that members of SynerClub interact and share their experiences, the more they are rewarded. This is another way for Synertrade to offer even more hands-on customer service and reward clients for sharing feedback. Examples of the type of benefits for being a member include a free day of consulting and/or training, exclusive VIP access at events and exclusive previews of software releases, among other benefits. To learn more visit

As Synertrade is a recognized leader in strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, and purchase to pay technology, with customers spanning the globe; the idea is to help new and long-term customers to communicate who may come from the same industry, using similar modules, or similar integrations to create a hub of procurement knowledge behind SynerClub.

Launching a membership loyalty program is a win-win for both Synertrade and Synertrade customers as it provides direct customer feedback which helps the company provide even better customer service, while helping digitize the customers procurement organization.


As we approach 20 years as an organization, we have such a large customer base that has been with us for 10+ years we wanted them to have the opportunity to share their experiences with new Synertrade customers, and in return, it will allow us to create a hub of procurement knowledge
Eberhard Aust, CEO, Synertrade.