Press Release

Munich, October 29th 2018.- Synertrade announces today the closing of a landmark deal with Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) through ZBER, a Synertrade reselling and implementation partner.

The decision was based on the superior capabilities of Synertrade’s Accelerate system to cover the complete process support for all procurement functions, while offering the capability to scale, module by module.
ZBER, a key partner for Synertrade, will resell and implement the Synertrade Accelerate solution.

Synertrade supports POWERCHINA with a total of sixteen modules including SRM, Purchase-to-Pay, Sourcing and Reporting modules.

POWERCHINA is an entirely state-owned company on the basis of 14 provincial, municipal, and regional electric power survey and design, engineering and equipment manufacturing enterprises.


Besides showing the enormous potential of the vast East Asian market for digital procurement solutions, a massive deal like this, with a state-owned company, reaffirms our focus on delivering products and services that meet the highest standards in reliability and security
Andreas Schwarze, Executive Vice President at Synertrade

After establishing itself in all of Europe’s relevant markets in the past years, Synertrade drastically widened its focus in 2017, increasing its presence in North America and Asia. A strategy that has since been confirmed in its effectivity by several recent major deals in both markets.