Streamline the Procurement Process Steps
Procurement Software Solutions that Transform Innovative Ideas into Referenced Products

Accelerate Idea to Product Apps enable you to manage your relationship with external businesses
from the identification of an innovation opportunity to its implementation within your company.

In order to dynamize their innovation policy, companies are looking to their external ecosystem. Their goal is to improve their innovation abilities while developing internal initiatives and being more efficient all along the procurement process steps.

For your company, the main challenge in establishing an open innovation strategy is to succeed in communicating with external companies that don’t share the same operating mode. From a new idea to its implementation, the innovation process must be handled as a project for which it is primary to ease communication between stakeholders while increasing traceability.

Key Benefits of Procurement Software

Optimize procurement process steps with procurement software Reduce time to market for new products
product lifecycle management with procurement software Higher visibility on product lifecycle
supplier relationship management with procurement software Improved collaboration with suppliers
procurement process flow with procurement software Better internal collaboration
digital procurement process steps with procurement software Process standardization

Some of Synertrade Accelerate Features

  • Organize innovation projects (creation of new product) or « open » campaigns to collect ideas from your partners
  • Advanced functions to manage project and planning follow-up to monitor your complete process of Innovation
  • Collaborative features to streamline and track discussion between each contributors all along the process: online documents exchange, collaborative modification on documents, customizable forms to collect data, forums…
  • Product database to consolidate and centralize all data related to products created in a collaborative mode with your suppliers and external partners
procurement software screenshotA complete database to manage the lifecycle of your product

procurement software screenshotAll the information about your products in one single place

procurement software screenshotA powerful questionnaire editor to capture innovation

procurement software screenshotAdvanced project management features to facilitate collaboration