From Data & Spend Management to Decision Making

Accelerate Procurement Intelligence Apps enable all users to unleash the power of one of the leading Business Discovery / Business Intelligence software
on the market. The entire procurement data of the company can be analyzed for better decision making.

Qualifying a new supplier, establishing a new contract with your legal department, managing accounting: every step of the procurement process induces lots of interaction with several internal or external interlocutors. From all these information flows, numerous documents and data are created. But the sources and structures heterogeneity, added to the complexity of the purchasing process, diversity of the involved stakeholders, and the absence of technological solutions and technical skills, make the use of these data complicated.

Yet, it is this procurement intelligence that allows procurement teams to better formulate spend management strategies and steer the procurement function by making the right decision at the right time.

Key Benefits

Procurement Intelligence control spending

Improved control on spending

purchasing and procurement intelligence

Better visibility for procurement within the company

procurement intelligence procurement visibility

More accurate and valuable data

purchasing intelligence and procurement intelligence

Facilitated decision making

procurement intelligence and spend analysis

Increased internal communication

Some Features of Accelerate Procurement Intelligence Software

  • Follow the global performance of the procurement department and the individual performance of your collaborators
  • Benefit from a powerful Business Intelligence software solution to connect your purchasing and finance teams in order to have a unified vision on the procurement performance and its true impact on the company’s results
  • Improve visibility by implementing an efficient tracking on the company’s spending based on reliable, verified, and consolidated data
  • Use statistics from your procurement information platform for follow-up and evaluate your internal user and supplier’s adoption
  • Access relevant tools to monitor and evaluate the evolution of risks and performance of your suppliers’ portfolio.
Procurement intelligence business reportsMultiple pre-configured business reports available

Business & Procurement intelligence reportAn advanced editor to create your own reports online

Supply market and procurement intelligence & reportingA responsive design to display your reporting also on mobile devices

Procurement intelligence dynamic displayA story-telling mode to create and share dynamic presentations