From Supplier Onboarding to Strategic Collaboration

Accelerate Supplier Assessment Software gives you all the means to improve the way you manage potential and strategic suppliers.
From the onboarding process to the continuous improvement plans, Accelerate proposes
different Apps that help procurement organizations follow and drive every step of the relationship with suppliers.

Use Supplier Assessment Software to find new potential suppliers to increase competition, decrease the number of active suppliers, develop partnerships with strategic suppliers, work with more efficient suppliers, increase supplier knowledge and foster innovation.

Moreover, supplier information is often partial and / or fragmented in the company: data come from heterogeneous data sources, like different ERP instances, accounting solutions or reporting tools, some important data is missing or not available and finally it’s really difficult to get an overview of your relationship history with your suppliers.

Key Benefits


Increased supplier data quality and accuracy

Easier collaboration at each step of the procurement process

Improved compliance with your policy

Less time for onboarding

Facilitated performance and risk assessment

Some of SynerTrade Accelerate features

  • Use automated flexible questionnaires and work-flows to onboard and qualify new suppliers
  • Collect strategic and transactional information, store it in one single place
  • Manage and follow performance evaluations, improvements plans and incidents with built-in workflows
  • Share supplier knowledge and assessments with the procurement community and suppliers
  • Collaborate with suppliers at any stage of the procurement process
  • Get an overview of supplier relationships and classify them
An easy onboarding process for your suppliers

A 100% customizable supplier database

Advanced reporting capabilities to analyze supplier performance

Powerful project management to drive continuous improvement