SynerSpace est l’espace de travail où tous les utilisateurs d’Accelerate peuvent organiser leurs tableaux de bord comme ils le souhaitent. Parmi ses différentes fonctions, cette App permet de suivre les activités récentes qui ont eu lieu sur la plateforme, de trouver rapidement tout type de données Achats et d’y accéder facilement, ou encore de répondre aux invitations d’un autre utilisateur pour participer à un flux de travail.

By giving you the means to set-up, maintain and manage the various data repositories that structure your business, Accelerate Master Data allows you to model entirely your Company’s organisation within your Procurement solution. Your business units, procurement categories, employees and vendor database are all managed in a centralised way. These data can be entered online, imported from Excel sheets or XML files or even synchronised with third-party Systems (incl. ERP systems).

For instance, by centralising the ‘Supplier Information’ and making it more intelligible and more available, Accelerate Master Data helps you to better understand your suppliers so you can work with them more effectively! Each vendor has a ‘Supplier Profile’ in a centralised database that brings together all the information on your suppliers. The data are stored and displayed in different tabs. Access to these different tabs by internal users and suppliers is entirely configurable: the users only get the information they need. A system of flexible web forms also allows you to customise this supplier database as you wish and to adapt it to the needs and constraints of your various entities. Meanwhile, the advanced search engine means you can easily find the information you are looking for among thousands of suppliers!

Managing the master data in your procurement system will allow you to categorise each procurement process managed on the platform according to these different axes. Internal users and suppliers can also be associated with these different dimensions. As a result, you will be able to:

• Better adapt your processes according to the specific rules of your business units or business lines.

• Define which of your users have read / write rights on different kind of procurement activities depending on their roles and assignments.

• Easily get the appropriate people involved in the various processes according to their assignments in the configured Procurement organisation.

• Facilitate procurement activity analysis by integrating all the dimensions of your Company and allowing reporting on these axes.

• Improve research capabilities, data sorting and indexing with regards to your Procurement data.

Fonctionnalités principales


Manage general settings of Accelerate.
Manage Apps specific settings.
Manage project / process templates in Apps.
Manage access rights to Accelerate pages.
Customize user roles.
Manage workflows.