Accelerate Supplier Development & Measures est un outil collaboratif dédié à la mise en place et au suivi des divers plans d’action Achats avec vos fournisseurs. Cette application vous aidera à améliorer votre collaboration interne et à travailler de manière plus étroite avec vos partenaires commerciaux tout en développant une approche d’amélioration continue avec vos fournisseurs stratégiques.

Accelerate Continuous Improvement is a collaborative tool that makes it possible to integrate and track all types of Procurement action plans related to your suppliers. This application will help you improve your internal collaboration while managing continual improvement plans with your strategic suppliers. Accelerate Continuous Improvement also makes it possible to get your suppliers involved more directly with this continual improvement and helps them to work more closely with the Procurement team.

Continuous Improvement offers users the chance to create Procurement action plans online. An action plan consists of activities with deadlines set by the user. These tasks can be assigned to employees or the supplier itself. The user has the option of creating activities from scratch or to use the activity library available. In case a litigation or incident is reported on the products or services you purchase, Accelerate Continuous Improvement can help create and follow an adapted resolution plan. For instance, thanks to Accelerate Continuous Improvement, you’ll be able to better communicate and collaborate with suppliers and colleagues to run a plan using the Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D) methodology.

To facilitate communication between the different parties involved, documents can be attached to the action plan or more specifically to each activity. These documents can for example describe the process to follow for each task. Templates of deliverables can also be shared in the form of documents. Exchanges between the various parties all happens via the application, what ensures the progress of each action plan is tracked with precision. Lastly, an automated e-mail alert system is available to ensure that invitations, reminders and other needed notifications are sent out to appropriate people.


Fonctionnalités principales


Create, manage and follow an action plan.
Achieve a task in an action plan.
Approve or reject a task achievement.