Accelerate Auction vous propose différent types d’enchères inversées pour vous aider à négocier à distance avec vos fournisseurs dans un délai très court. Peu importe l’endroit où ils se trouvent ou le contexte du marché, vous serez à même de réaliser tout type d’enchères, de la plus simple à la plus complexe, grâce à notre outil de gestion avancé.

Accelerate eSourcing is a state of the art online application for strategic sourcing that enables you to organise, rationalise and automate every step of the RFx process online, from defining your needs to negotiating online an choosing the right suppliers.

With Accelerate eSourcing, you can gather requirements from your internal clients more easily, then quickly create the different elements for your call for tenders. Using templates associated with your procurement categories, you can create your RFI, RFP and RFQ in no time.Then, you can easily share them online with your suppliers to receive structured quotes.

As part of Accelerate eSourcing, reverse auctions allow your suppliers, wherever they are in the world, to join in the competition and offer their best offer on a very short timescale. The online auction allows the buyer to truly compare the supplier bids and consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) rather than simply the price. Auctions could be 100% integrated to the RFx process or can be run on a stand alone mode. Choosing from the nine types of reverse auctions available, you can refine your negotiation strategy and therefore optimise your savings.

In the end, you can benefit from the power of Accelerate eSourcing to analyse the responses from your suppliers in real time, then refine your choice, award the market and initiate the contract with full background knowledge.

Accelerate eSourcing also provides vertical and advanced sourcing capabilities, like the Own Brand Management process, that includes project management functionalities for retail companies to streamline each step of the creation of « private label » products, from the initial idea to getting the new item on the shelves.


Fonctionnalités principales


Initiate / publish / analyse / award a RFx.
Initiate / publish / analyse / award a Quick RFx.
Manage the Own Brand Management process.