Avec Accelerate Report Writer, vous disposez d’un outil moderne et puissant pour créer des tableaux de bords clairs et synthétiques de vos données Achats. Grâce à notre fonctionnalité de push emails, vous pourrez facilement diffuser les résultats et succès de votre département achats à vos partenaires commerciaux ou votre organisation.

Marvin, the Intelligent Assistant of Accelerate, is an Artificial Intelligence powered virtual agent that interprets, analyses, learns and collaborates with your internal users and your suppliers. Simply ask questions using the chat embedded in Accelerate and get immediate answers from Marvin. Marvin is available anytime, anywhere and speaks many languages!

Marvin is based on complex algorithm in the back-end and uses Natural-language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand your requests and help you work faster and more efficiently. Thanks to Marvin, you can easily browse your procurement data and quickly find the information you are searching. Marvin helps increase user adoption and can be connected to every applications in the Accelerate suite. By connecting Marvin to Skype, Slack, or other instant messaging tools you will provide a 100% seamless user experience to all your colleagues and suppliers.


Principales fonctionnalités


Ask questions to the intelligent assistant using natural language.