Accelerate Order Management vous aide à mettre sous contrôle vos processus Achats et vous offre une vue globale sur toutes les demandes Achats émisent à travers la plateforme. Chaque étape du processus Achats peut être facilement piloté, depuis la demande d’achat jusqu’à la livraison des commandes, le tout en vous garantissant une forte collaboration avec les différets acteurs.

Accelerate Order & Receiving helps you to better manage your procurement cycle, from the order to the delivery of your orders. After an user made a ‘Shopping Basket’ from referenced articles / services or using free forms for off-catalogue procurement, this ‘Shopping Basket’ is transformed into one or several Purchase Requests that can be submitted for approval. A customisable workflow engine allows you to define the appropriate approval rules that correspond to your exact needs and your internal management rules. Once approved, a Purchase Request generates one or several Orders that are sent by e-mail to the appropriate suppliers.

For increased fluidity in the process and to facilitate your communication, the suppliers can also access your orders directly online. Vendors will be in the position to acknowledge receipt of orders, visualise or download the electronic order forms, submit requests for modifications (for delivery times for example), confirm order shipment, and more.

Accelerate Order & Receiving also allows you to manage the delivery of ordered products and services online. Different kind of receiving process can be managed, including the automatic receiving of goods / services under certain conditions. The return of non-compliant goods to the vendor is also managed directly in the application.


Fonctionnalités principales


Approve / reject PR.
Browse ongoing and past orders.
Manage PR delivery.
Manage return of material.