Accelerate Product Management est une base de données centrale permettant de consolider et de stocker tous les documents et informations liés aux produits/services que vous achetez à vos fournisseurs. Avec Accelerate Product Management, vous pourrez suivre l’intégralité du cycle de vie de vos produits en collaboration avec vos collaborateurs et vos fournisseurs. Vous pourrez également synchroniser les informations sur les produits avec vos différents systèmes en place.

Thanks to Accelerate Product Management, you can consolidate all the documentation and information on your referenced products and services. All this data can be managed by your employees, but also by the vendor you get your supplies from. The suppliers can modify certain attributes of the articles they supply you with directly online. Of course, customisable workflows will mean you can get these modifications approved by the relevant people in your Company. For total flexibility and perfect integration into the production and quality processes already in place, Accelerate Product Database can be synchronized in a bidirectional way with your current tools: ERP, CMMS, PLM, and more.

For instance, Accelerate Product Management helps you save and track information on the chemical hazards of the products you purchase from your suppliers (REACH/ROHS Management). By tracking the presence of identified hazardous chemical components in the composition of your products even at the RFP stage, you’ll be able to manage a continuous and preventive control of chemical risks associated with your procurement management.

Advanced functions for collaborative work on documents are also offered in this application: managing annotations and modification requests, tracking versions and comparing documents versions are some of the functionalities provided that will allow you to better structure the process of making packaging for a product and to collaborate with utmost efficiency with marketing, quality control, design agencies, printers,…

In the end, Accelerate Product Management really helps to structure your entire Procurement information system: the information in this database can be used directly in your various Procurement processes. For example, you can quickly integrate product data into your RFPs. Your quotation grids can be filled automatically in a few clicks with data from the products, no more manual entry! It is also possible to associate the articles with the contracts managed using Accelerate: this means contracts can be automatically updated if certain prices are changed following a consultation, and prices in the database can be updated if they have been modified directly in a contract. Linking up the various Procurement processes through the usage of the product database will enable you to save a considerable amount of time while optimising the reliability and coherence of your data!

Fonctionnalités principales


Add product / service in the database.
Maintain product / service data and documents.
Approve or reject product / service updates.
Search the products / services database.
Initiate product / service renogotiation in eSourcing.