Accelerate Management Information System vous donne une vue claire sur toutes les informations et données gérées au sein de votre solution eAchat. En jouant le rôle de tour de contrôle de votre système d’information achats, cette application vous fourni des statistiques concerant l’usage de la plateforme, son adoption par les utilisateurs et bien plus encore.


Accelerate Purchase Requisition was designed to optimise the user experience during the P2P process. The good practices of the most biggest online stores have been applied. This means your users get all the functions of the most famous web shops: advanced search capabilities on products and services, flexible delivery planning functionnalities, customizable shopping baskets, favorite items selection, management of delivery / billing information and much more are available.

Your users will navigate the Accelerate catalogues intuitively, without any prior training and other options are offered to make the purchase requisitions as easy as possible. ‘Punch-Out’ catalogues are indeed supported: from Accelerate, users can navigate the online catalogues of your main business partners directly. The articles or services selected from these online catalogues will be automatically repatriated via an OCI connection, to be ordered via Accelerate.
Customizable freeforms are also available to allow internal requesters to describe their needs for specific products or services that wouldn’t be in internal or Punch-Out catalogues. This is a fast and efficient way to get the Purchasing department involved in the requisition process: thanks to dedicated workflows, whatever the need and the purchasing family, PR will be taken into account by a buyer who will be in charge to choose the follow-up to be given (purchase from a catalogue, request for a quick quote, RFx,…) to satisfy the requester’s need.

In this end, Accelerate Purchase Requisition provides a quick ROI and guarantees that the solution will be adopted by the maximum number of your employees!


Fonctionnalités principales


Browse and search internal catalogs
Browse punch-out catalogs
Create and send a Purchase Request from catalog items
Create and send a Purchase Request starting from a free form
Modify PR assignments / data