Meet our Brasov office

Welcome to Synertrade Romania, our main R&D center. Since 2000, we have helped companies meet all their procurement challenges in an innovative way.

Currently, our team consists of 100+ Synertraders that have teamed up in a unique mix of IT professionals to bring forward the next level of digitalization. Our primary goal is to offer access to the best of today’s technologies as we are directly responsible for maintaining and developing new products.

Our office is located in beautiful Brasov, right in the heart of the city writing paper. Lunch breaks and Friday night drinks are just 5 minutes away from the Old Town pubs and terraces.







Whether you like conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing or bug fixing, we are always eager to welcome new colleagues passionate about software development.


ITOps? DevOps? DBAs? Operations? All groups have one common goal: to turbocharge performance and create innovative solutions to impact the business. We care for build, automate and run 24/7 our customer solutions. We closely monitor IT environments performance, scalability, logging, security and incidents.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is used to turn data into actionable information for management and decision making. Simply put, we make sure that the right information is reaching the right people at the right time.


Support team takes pride in having an attitude oriented towards the client and we are committed to guiding our customers and their suppliers to navigate in the easiest and fastest way through the Synertrade application. We rest at the disposal of our clients for any questions that may arise along the journey.



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Synertrade Romania
3A Eroilor Boulevard
500007, Brasov

+40 368 40 16 99