Change is HARD. In the current market, corporate acquisitions are becoming quite common and especially in B2B technology. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle and most challenging aspect to an acquisition – What happens to the customers? With major recent acquisitions and companies killing off business units and solution overlap, especially as some organizations had shown they already struggled with prior integrations, are now looking at a bumpy road.
In Surviving a M&A: The Customer Perspective, we discuss the importance of having a proper tool kit to plan for a migration, and the importance of integration.

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Synertrade is offering the security and comfort needed when presenting a migration from one technology provider to another. Meet our experts to discuss and see first-hand what a migration would like. When looking at Digital Procurement Solutions, SynerTrade wants to show you how much our clients use our tools. With managing over $600 Billion in spend, over 650 clients worldwide, SynerTrade has helped countless corporations make the transition that seems frightening initially, but is really quite easy as we describe in How a Source to Pay Migration is like a home renovation.

Safe Passage

As part of the « Safe Passage » program, organizations looking to make a move from their current technology provider will receive, guaranteed through June 2018:

One year free subscription on a 4-year agreement

To finally move to a fully integrated, modern GUI user friendly Source2Pay solution

Professional Migration assistance free of charge (we will help you move your data)

The North American SynerTrade team understands closely how difficult, long, and rarely successful an acquisition can be for a customer of a company being acquired. In Making A Case For Organic Growth we share insight on the importance of being customer first.


“In my 15 years in the Source to Pay space I have never seen the amount of acquisition and consolidation like I am seeing now. When these acquisitions occur, there is typically some level of redundancy in both the product as well as the personnel which often leads to the elimination of the redundancy. Both great products and great people are unfortunately impacted by these acquisitions. In many cases, customers of the company being acquired eventually lose access to the product they know and love as well as the employee they developed a great relationship with. Thankfully many sourcing professionals put a change of control clause in their contracts with their providers and are now executing them when their provider is being acquired. With the availability of migration toolkits being available the notion of switching vendors is no longer a daunting task. Companies can move in a matter of weeks, not months or years like it used to take.”
Roger Blumberg, VP of Strategy North America.

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SynerTrade is a cloud-based platform that covers the entire purchasing process. A recognized industry leader in Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, and Purchasing Intelligence; SynerTrade ACCELERATE offers 34 different applications from Source to Contract, Procure to Pay, and Spend Intelligence. We are a full suite of digital procurement solutions that enable businesses to have control and clear visibility of their spend – resulting in lowered costs, increased revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty.