From Strategic Sourcing to Contract Lifecycle Management

Source to Contract

How to identify the “right” supplier? Optimize the complete source to contract lifecycle, while managing risks.

Accelerate Source to Contract solution allows you to streamline the digital procurement process, from the initial phases of your strategic sourcing to the management of your vendor contracts lifecycle for direct and indirect materials.

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CPO and CFO key benefits

Build and control your Source-to-Contract process with a reliable all-in-one platform.

15-20% process time savings on tenders
Reduced risk impact and increased vendor competition
High value source agreements and contract compliance
Transparency and better negotiation results
Cost saving improvements and performance capture

Discover Accelerate™
Source-to-Contract Solution

Rely on punctual data to analyse and manage the full contract lifecycle, streamline operations, easily support suppliers to obtain bids and quotes, all in a unique platform.

  • Elaborate sustainable global and local procurement strategies
  • Create tenders in real time based on ready to use templates to collect accurate and comparable bids from vendors all over the world
  • Analyse vendors’ responses to your tenders and make the right decisions based on advanced awarding scenarios
  • Drive transparent negotiations with vendors with our eAuction solution
  • Set-up contracts in a collaborative way and follow their performance over time

The 5 Apps of the S2C solution

Spend Analytics

Leverage the order and invoicing data from your entities, get a deeper and more accurate view on your spend coverage and take strategic decisions based on the most advanced multi-dimensional reports.

  • Automatically control and process order&invoice data from different entities on a regular basis.
  • Clean, harmonize and consolidate data according to the analysis required.
  • Use intelligent automation to classify uncategorised spends according to different criteria, improving your analysis.
  • Meet your business requirements and control spend, with data consolidated in customized and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Rely on intuitive and ergonomic interface, allowing buyers to create reports aligned with Procurement strategy.

Product Management

Consolidate the information on your products and services and maximize S2C and P2P process efficiency by leveraging the potential of your product database information.

  • Consolidate all the documentation and information on your referenced products and services in one single place.
  • Allow employee and vendors to manage data online and produce a supplier form.
  • Customisable workflows help get these modifications approved by the relevant people in your Company and to automatically synchronize in a bidirectional way with your current tools: ERP, CMMS, PLM, and more.
  • Enhance collaboration on modification requests, tracking versions, document versions comparison.
  • Save time and rely on data coherence and optimisation.


Optimize your strategic sourcing: organize, rationalize and automate every step of the RFx process online, from defining your needs to negotiating online an choosing the right suppliers.

  • Easily gather requirements from your internal clients and switch to a RFx in click.
  • Use templates associated with your procurement categories to create your RFI, RFP and RFQ in real time.
  • Ask for structured quotes from your global suppliers.
  • Allow your global suppliers to join the competition and offer their best offer on a very short timescale in reverse auctions.
  • Nine reverse auctions available to refine negotiation strategy and optimise savings.
  • Automatically analysis of supplier reactions to initiate the contract with vendors based on a full background knowledge.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Create and maintain a centralized data repository of all the contracts to build up the relationship with your suppliers and improve your Procurement compliance.

  • Create and manage a centralised data repository of all your Procurement contracts.
  • Rely on a simple and effective solution to store, search, share and make sure the contractual documents drawn up by Procurement are used properly.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of all your contracts in Accelerate Contract Lifecycle Management.
  • Draw up a new contract in few minutes thanks to the library of clauses. Collaboratively revise internally and with the supplier the document created.
  • Manage all types of attachments and appendixes thanks to the advanced document management functionalities.
  • Index contract’s key data effectively, to facilitate searching and analytics on your contract data.
  • Improve collaboration, gain visibility, save time and raise compliance, in a unique platform

S2C intelligence

Get a sharper vision of all the data and projects managed.

  • Rely on advanced analytics capabilities to manage the deployment of your Procurement IS within your various entities.
  • Evaluate the level of adoption of the solution of your team.
  • Whatever S2C processes you manage, you can dive right into the core of the data, to identify potential improvement areas.
  • Drive the appropriate decisions thanks to the multi-dimensional standard reports provided in S2C Intelligence.