From Catalog Management to Invoice Monitoring

Procure to Pay

Control and automate your direct and indirect spending in a unique digital platform, from selection to reconciliation and payment.

Accelerate P2P allows Procurement and Finance to collaborate and to efficiently manage each step of the purchasing process: from catalog creation to negotiations, purchase orders, e-invoices and account payables, keeping full transparency and monitoring global spending.

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CPO and CFO key benefits

Build and control your Procure-to-Pay process with a reliable all-in-one platform.

Significant time saving on the entire ordering process
Reduce maverick spending
Procurement process standardization
Improve spend transparency
New savings opportunities

Discover Accelerate™
Procure-to-Pay Solution

From creating your products and services catalogues to managing incoming invoices from your vendors, maximize compliance, streamline and automate each step of the digital purchase process.

  • Create your internal “Amazon-like” webshop by broadcasting catalogs imported by your suppliers or by giving access to vendors’ online catalogs (punch-out catalogs)
  • Collect, process, and approve purchase requisitions from anyone in your company based on web catalogs or easy-to-use free forms
  • Create and follow purchase orders in close collaboration with the internal requesters and your vendors
  • Manage goods delivery, check invoices, and proceed with payment
  • Check contract compliance, follow budget consumption, analyse payments, monitor global spending, and much more thanks to the advanced BI reports

The 5 Apps of the P2P solution

Rely on a most accurate view on the global spending of the company to increase efficiency in your procure-to-pay process from goods selection, to reconciliation and payment.

Catalog Management

Streamline your P2P process and fight maverick spending with Accelerate Catalog Management.

  • Create and maintain the catalogues that form the bedrock of your Procure to Pay process simply importing the catalogues sent to you by your suppliers. You can import Excel files as well as more specific formats like the BME Cat format.
  • Change or update can be directly managed by the supplier, using the portal. Approval workflows will be set on any modifications made by suppliers.
  • Compare catalogues and articles to quickly visualise the differences brought to an existing list.
  • Easy support ‘Punch-Out’ catalogues.

Purchase Requisition

Offer a seamless user experience to your users during the requisition process and ensure maximum adoption from the users.

  • Optimise UX during the P2P process. The good practices of the greatest online stores have been applied: advanced search capabilities on products and services, flexible delivery planning functionalities, customizable shopping baskets, favorite items selection, management of delivery / billing information and much more.
  • Instinctively navigation, without any prior training and other options are offered to make the purchase requisitions as easy as possible.
  • ‘Punch-Out’ catalogues are supported and customizable, free forms for items not listed in internal or Punch-Out catalogues.
  • Service item capabilities

Order & Receiving

Improve your procurement cycle management, from the order to the delivery.

  • Easy submission of the Purchase Requests from internal requesters for online approval.
  • Dedicated customizable workflows: after the approval a Purchase Request generates one or several Orders that are sent to the appropriate suppliers.
  • Smooth collaboration between vendors and requester, from receipt of orders, to download of the electronic order forms and submit requests for modifications, until confirm order shipment.
  • Delivery and management of the RMA process online.


Simplify invoice data entry, streamline the matching process and collaborate.

  • Finance and Procurement departments can benefit from e-Invoicing solution to save time and resources while increasing compliance and performance.
  • Accounts payable can count in a tool to manage invoices more effectively, and Procurement rely on punctual data for analyzing activity.
  • Collaborative features to fully integrate suppliers into the Invoicing workflow. This involves more fluid exchanges of information between your employees and the suppliers.
  • Invoice Matching (PO flip) feature, to save time for your suppliers and avoid manual entry errors. The supplier can then correct or modify the invoice data directly online.
  • Invoice Verification and contract compliance check allow Procurement or Finance to identify the gaps between orders, invoices and contracts.
  • For the end-user, an ergonomic and intuitive dashboard will enable to quickly visualise all the information relative to invoicing: invoice status, alerts on the order/invoicing gaps, status of disputes

P2P Intelligence

Get a sharper vision of all the data and projects managed using our P2P applications.

  • A true control tower for your Procurement Information System built around our embedded decision-making technology.
  • Accelerate P2P Intelligence enables you to display and analyse the main indicators like the user adoption of the system.
  • Exploit data on all Accelerate Apps in the P2P scope you have chosen to build your Procurement solution.