Get the most out of our e Procurement platform

Synertrade Accelerate was designed to offer a user-friendly interface and ensure easy deployment, but we know that each company has its unique challenges and requirements. That is why Synertrade offers a range of procurement services to enhance our customers’ experience.

 24/7 Assistance

 3 global support centers

10 Languages

Delivery team

With in-depth knowledge of procurement systems and challenges along with wide-ranging expertise in purchasing processes, our consulting team supports you during each step of the implementation of your solution.
In fact, our project expertise, our procurement knowledge and the devotion of our consulting team are the three fundamentals of customer delivery.

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User training

Our training department is committed to help any user handle our applications easily.
Whether you want to increase your knowledge on our eProcurement suite or onboard partners on our platform, each training session can be dedicated to a specific audience: new or experienced users and thus on any applications.

Outsource your Auctions

Electronic auctions are a simple and fast way to put suppliers in competition with each other in order to support buyers in achieving their savings objectives.

Do you need more time to manage your Auctions? Do you have specific needs?

Try our outsourced auction service. No implementation costs, no commitment: pay only for use!

We offer the greatest variety of auction formats (dynamic, English, Dutch, Japanese…) with best in class security standards.

For more than 20 years, our eAuction team (9 languages, 4 offices worldwide, centralized management) has managed or supervised several thousand auctions per year on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies

Our service is adapted to your needs, your organization and your level of availability to help you achieve your objectives.

With over 500+ customers and over 600,000 auctions performed on our platform over the past 20 years we know the ideal auction settings and strategies to deliver the greatest outcome.

Let our extensive experience in executing auctions shortcut your path to savings.

Give us your RFx


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Online RFx has become an essential practice to help you achieve your objectives. Thanks to the Synertrade Accelerate platform, you can more easily put your suppliers into competition, regardless of their number, location and the complexity of your call for RFx. This ensures that you get the most out of your teams’ efforts and maximize savings.

Synertrade supports you in the implementation of your online RFx: our consultants provide you with their purchasing skills to conduct your consultations via our Accelerate eSourcing application. This Gartner, Forrester, and Spend Matters rated solution adopted by leading companies that organizes, streamlines and automates all stages of the bidding process, from the definition of requirements to the award of the contract.

Learn More About Sourcing Services

  Do you have insufficient time to prepare, conduct and analyze your calls for RFx?
  Do you need help from time to time?
  You do not have the necessary technical or human resources to carry out your consultations?

Try our RFx outsourced service!

Tail Spend Management

Tail Spend is any spend not actively managed within your spend categories. These seemingly insignificant items can often lead to significant savings when managed appropriately! Gain strong insights into your tail spend to realize even more savings with Synertrade’s tail spend management services.

Synertrade leverages our knowledge and our customer database knowledge based on over 600,000+ historical events to ensure maximum savings for all events. By collecting your spend data for past two years, Synertrade identifies optimal potential opportunities for savings. After interviewing category owners, Synertrade establishes projects with the highest likelihood of success and compares high likelihood projects with your categories to be targeted. Through all of this, we identify list of projects for Synertrade to source.
Our involvement post analysis can range from complete ownership of the tail spend as a comprehensive outsourced arrangement or we are able to customize our involvement. Arrangements outside of complete outsourcing involve Synertrade developing the RFx for you, performing supplier research and executing auctions. We are also able to leverage our technology to manage the ordering, receiving and payment processing.

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A complete turn-key.

Let our extensive experience in in category assessment and deep understanding of project success help you manage your tail spend!