From Supplier Onboarding to Strategic Collaboration

Supplier Relationship Management

All in one platform to collaborate and manage your Supplier information, risk, and performance from onboarding to qualification.

Accelerate Supplier Relationship management solution, provides a 360-degree view for each supplier, improving segmentation and classification. Results from risk or performance assessments provide data quality and accuracy to drive strategic decisions and your relationship with business partners.

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CPO and CFO key benefits

Build and control your Supplier Relationship with a reliable all-in-one platform.

Compliance to due diligence regulatory or non-regulatory obligations
Avoiding fines and sanctions
Increased supplier data quality and accuracy
Improve collaboration with suppliers an internal users
Less time for onboarding
Facilitated performance and risk assessment, using hard-facts data or info providers information

Discover Accelerate™
Supplier Relationship Management

Rely on a complete view to improve collaboration between suppliers and your organization on each step of the process, manage and follow performance evaluations monitoring, assess risk, and improve compliance with current policies.

  • Use automated flexible questionnaires and workflows to onboard and qualify new suppliers
  • Standard connectors to relevant info providers
  • Collect strategic and transactional information, documents and certificates; store it in one single place
  • Manage and follow risk & performance evaluations, and fire improvements plans
  • Quality processes such as incidents or claim management
  • Share supplier knowledge and assessments with the procurement community and suppliers

The 5 Apps of the SRM solution

Rely on a complete view to improve collaboration between suppliers and your organization on each step of the process, manage and follow performance evaluations monitoring, assess risk, and improve compliance with current policies.


Manage collaboratively your Supplier Panel and its evolution, up to the off-boarding process of vendors with whom you won’t collaborate anymore.

  • Customer-defined self-registration process and content for suppliers.
  • Identity resolution service from external marketplaces.
  • Manage the onboarding / offboarding of suppliers thanks to an open and customisable web portal.
  • Gather, archive, and update the certifications and strategic documents of your suppliers.
  • Integrated with e-Sourcing.

Supplier Enrichment

Your supplier database is the cornerstone of your Supplier Relationship Management solution. Knowing better your strategic suppliers allows you to better manage your relationship daily, but also guarantees a reduction of risks and a better spend coverage.

  • Gather data from several 3rd party providers into one single source of truth.
  • Identity resolution service through info providers.
  • Involve compliance, CSR, financial external ratings in home-grown assessment campaigns.

Risk & Performance

Create online assessment questionnaires to be completed by internal assessment teams. Invite people from various departments of the company and evaluate different KPIs to drive your business relationship in the most efficient way.

  • Build scoring model, mixing subjective inputs or hard facts.
  • Different templates and processes per activity or/and business lines.
  • Automatic change of vendor status and alerting system.
  • Interoperability with contract management, tender and continuous improvement.
  • Supports non-registered platform users as evaluators.
  • Evaluation over mobile app (on-site audits).

Continuous Improvement

Initiate and track all types of Procurement action plans related to your suppliers. Improve your internal collaboration while managing continual improvement plans with your strategic suppliers.

  • Involve your suppliers more directly with Continuous Improvement and helps them to work more closely with the Procurement team.
  • Have suppliers proposing corrective action plans or reporting deviations.
  • Better communication and collaboration with suppliers and internal users.
  • Audit trail of comments, tasks.
  • Delegation capabilities.
  • Create reports and alerts in case of litigation or incident.
  • A great toolbox: manage the task library and action plan templates to maintain any number of processes.

SRM intelligence

A true control tower for your Procurement Information System built around our embedded decision-making technology.

  • Customise standard reports provided and create «Story telling» pages.
  • Dive right into the core of the data, allowing you to identify potential opportunities for improvement and to make appropriate decisions thanks to the multi-dimensional standard reports provided.
  • Evaluate the level at which your teams adopt the solution and manage the deployment of supplier solution within your various business unit.

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