From Strategic Sourcing to Contract Lifecycle Management

 Accelerate Source to Contract Apps help you streamline the procurement process from the initial phases of your strategic sourcing to the management of your vendor contracts lifecycle.  SynerTrade’s Cloud-Based Procurement Services App is designed to maximize savings and compliance.

Finding the best vendors for each activity, negotiating with them and managing the resulting contracts are some of the main missions of procurement organizations.

For years, office tools have been the preferred procurement solutions to help buyers managing these daily tasks, but they have since proven their limits: a general lack of process, a limited collaboration between vendors and buyers, no knowledge sharing within the company and a poor traceability are some challenges that large procurement departments are usually facing.

Dedicated web solutions help procurement executives manage the full source to contract cycle and help them achieve more savings while working faster, more efficiently, and optimize strategic sourcing. Meanwhile, procurement managers benefit from more visibility on the procurement activity and a higher contract compliance.

Key Benefits

15-20% process time savings on tenders

Increased vendor competition

Higher visibility and contract compliance

Easier savings and performance capture

Better negotiation results

Some of SynerTrade Accelerate features

  • Elaborate global and local procurement strategies
  • Create tenders in no time based on templates to collect accurate and comparable bids from vendors all over the world
  • Analyze vendors’ responses to your tenders and take the right decisions based on advanced awarding scenarios
  • Drive transparent negotiations with vendors with our online auction solution
  • Set-up contracts in a collaborative way and follow their performance among time
Maximum flexibility to build online RFIs, RFPs, RFQs…

whiteboard-849810_960_720 N&B.jpgAdvanced bid analysis and awarding capabilities

9 different auction types for successful online negotiations

Powerful authoring and monitoring capabilities for contracts