Synertrade in Nairobi on the Workshop Procurement Digitalization Summit with unrivalled networking through presentations and challenging discussions about efficient, transparent and consistent procurement.

06th November & 07th November, Ole-Sereni Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Leading Procurement & Supply Chain practitioners together with key industry Stakeholders: The East African Community most dynamic minds in one place to address the industry’s most complex and rapidly evolving demands!

One-of-a-kind event that pushes conversation beyond the traditional process of procurement and motivates change for the future:

  • Inspiring Atmosphere: Hands-on experience setting to inspire innovation, fresh thinking, and meaningful interaction amongst peers
  • Unrivaled Networking: The luxury of networking time together, coupled with some social activities and hands-on sessions is the perfect catalyst for building lifelong, valuable business connections
  • Identify Value: Learn how to create, deliver,protect, assure and improve value through digitization of procurement and blockchain as the future of procurement & supply chain

The one & half day workshop agenda- supported by a collaborative environment and an elite line of speakers, explores a variety of topics including digitization, blockchain, planning, strategy, profit and cash optimization, new business models, supplier development & diversity, value chain and entrepreneurial leadership.

We look forward meeting you in Nairobi!

For further information or personal appointment please get in touch with:

Fosi Audi
Managing Director Middle East

Ole Sereni – Luxury Airport Hotel in Nairobi
Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenia, +254 20 3901000

06th – 07th November 2019

Ole-Sereni Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya