The goal is to professionalize the management of homologation, onboarding and compliance of suppliers

Madrid, September 10th 2019.- Synertrade, leader in eProcurement solutions, announces its new agreement with Beer&Food, the leading multi-brand platform in the catering sector.

The Beer&Food group is one of the main multi-brand restaurant franchise platforms operating in Spain. The company currently has 400 establishments around brands of renowned prestige, both nationally and internationally, including Carl´s Jr, Tony Roma´s, Tommy Mel´s, La Chelinda, Official Irish Pub, Cervecería Gambrinus and Cervecería Cruz.

Beer&Food is currently immersed in an ambitious strategic national expansion plan, which, together with the digital transformation they have just begun, will provide them with great support and impetus to continue being a benchmark as a leading multi-brand platform in the restaurant sector.

In a multi-brand platform such as ours, due to the complexity of the supply chain, having clear processes for supplier homologation, contract management and relevant information for decision making is critical. We believe that Synertrade can help us in our digitization process by simplifying administrative tasks to focus our efforts on quality and cost-effectiveness of the supply chain
Sergio de Eusebio, Corporate Director of Supply Chain at Beer&Food


The mutual collaboration we have had between Beer&Food and Synertrade. In times when starting new projects is complicated, when the same language is spoken in the Procurement era, everything is much easier.

The fact that the biggest reference as a leading multi-brand platform in the catering sector relies on Synertrade to start its digital transformation makes us confident that we will continue to fight every day to innovate and be at the forefront

Jesús López-Holgueras Brotons, Country Manager at Synertrade Iberia (Grupo Econocom)