Incorporating a solution that optimizes, speeds up and simplifies processes by reducing administrative efforts and costs.

Madrid, February 18th 2020.- The diversified business group Grupo Gimeno, specializing in global solutions for citizens, will standardize its purchasing processes with Synertrade, a world leader in digital purchasing solutions, with the principle objective of providing all 11 groups within the company with a homogeneous technological solution to digitalize their procedures within the field of purchasing.

With the implementation of this platform, Grupo Gimeno reaffirms its commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency. Similarly, Grupo Gemino will optimize synergies, as it increases agility and simplifies processes thereby reducing  admnistrative costs and efforts.  Correspondingly, Synertrade will facilitate process tracking throughout the entire procurement process, as well as the improving the aggregation of information for analysis and decision-making and the bidirectionality of the communication with the suppliers within the company’s Purchasing Department.

This is an important step towards the digital transformation of the company that will require a change in philosophy on the part of the entire team as their involvement will be key to the success of the initiative

José Luis Vilar, CEO of Grupo Gimeno

Finally companies are placing value on the importance of digital transformation. The trust that each client places in Synertrade Iberia is one way in which to continue the advancement of our improvement projects day by day

Jesús López-Holgueras Brotons, Country Manager at Synertrade Iberia (Econocom Group)